Reid Lanpher Interviewing About Junior Motorsports

Reid Lanpher Interviews For Junior Motorsports

When I was 18 months old, my dad put a wheel kit on a Arctic Cat Z120, hooked the tether cord to his wrist and ran beside me as I rode that sled around the lawn before the snow came that fall. The skis went on when the snow arrived and I rode for hours and hours every chance I could get. Soon I entered my first race and did pretty good. When I was 3 dad put me on a Yamaha Sno Scoot and I won my first race which was a slalom course at SnoDeo in Rangley. The next year I was on a F1 Kitty Cat and won the kids ice drags at SnoDeo. When I was 4, my sister and I got 50cc Suzuki ATV’s. Away went the ATV’s and back came a Yamaha PW50. That was my first dirt bike and I loved it. When I was 5, I started racing motocross on a KTM Mini Adventure. At 6, I won the 50cc 4-6 year old, Maine Motocross Series Championship. In 2007, I was still winning MX races and was running in both the 50cc 7-9 and 65cc classes. That year I crashed at Valley Motorsports Park. I broke my wrist and growth plate and had to sit out several races. I came back in the fall of that year and won the last MX race I ran at MX-207. The next week I was playing soccer and complained to my parents that it hurt just to run.

When we visited the doctors the next week we were pretty surprised that I had a broken back. I don’t know when I broke it, but my L5 vertebrae was dislocated and fractured. No more MX for me. 6 months in a back brace. My parents told me I was done with racing as this was my 9th broken bone and I was only 9 years old. I remember pitching Cal Ripken games that summer with that back brace on. Not a lot of fun. That winter I was able to start playing basketball again. At this point, I was really starting to miss racing. That spring, my dad took me to Thundering Valley Raceway where we met Nate and Marty. They were nice enough to put a special seat in a kart that would allow me to race with my brace on. That year I won both Jr. Sportsman (Blue Plate) and Sportsman Rally (Gold Plate) Championships.

The next year we tried mini cups. I won all but one feature that year. My dad was searching on the internet for a open wheel race car that we might be able to run in Maine. He found a TTC Mod in Rochester, NH. So we went down to check it out and it was pretty close to what we were looking for. We got a good deal that included a extra GSXR1100 motor. Loaded it in the trailer and headed home. A few nights later we fired it up and I drove my first standard race car. Did laps in our driveway. My dad and a friend went and bought a few more of the TTC Mods and we took them to Wiscassett raceway to turn some laps. Wow! They were fast and easy to drive. In no time I was running laps close to Pro Stock times (I had a lot more rubber to work with than a PS). We did a few exhibition laps and Unity and Wiz that Fall. So that is how the Maine Mods were born. A talented group of 10-15 year old kids got cars and we ran races from Spud to Monadnock. It was fun but 2011 was time for a new challenge and we decided to see if I could get a 12 year old waiver to run NELCAR. I got the waiver, we had a friend pick up a used Legend car down South and headed to NHMS to see if I could drive it. I had never driven a Legend car until we rolled out for the first practice. If you have driven one you know that they are a handful but also a hoot to drive. The first few races I would get into the top 10 (I was running 3rd in my first road course race with one lap to go when I lost my brakes). At the July Cup Weekend, I finished 5th only to get DQ’d in tech for my wheelbase being 1/8″ too long on the right side. Our fault. We never checked it. Frustrating but we had no idea what we were doing or how to set one up. Somehow, we were lucky enough to hook up with Bob Weymouth and he quickly solved the mechanical issues with the cars and the finishes started coming. I finished the season with a string of top 5 finishes.

2012 started off pretty good for me so far. I won the USCC Cross Country race at Lake Parlin (had the best time for my class and the 14-17 class despite crashing in the woods and getting pinned under my Sno Pro 500 for 2 minutes). Got a call the night before the East Coast Sno Cross even at Sugarloaf and was offered a ride for the next day. Had only been on a SX track once in my life and that was 3 years ago. Had to start in the back row but pulled off a 3rd place finish on a sled that was set up for a kid half my size. My last snowmobile race of the season was the USCC race in Greenville where I again won my class and also had the best time for the 14-17 class as well (I could only run a 500 liquid because of my age but the 14-17 class could run 600 liquids). 2012 Was a very fun and busy year for me. I raced my Super Late Model for the first time. We had a lot of fun running that with the GSPSS and learned so much. When I wasn’t racing the Super Late Model, I was racing the legend car at New Hampshire Motor Speedway on the road coarse and oval and on the NELCAR legends tour. I became the youngest winner at NHMS when I took the win on the road coarse on May 13th 2012 at the age of 14. I ended the year with my first ever Super Late Model win at Wiscassettt Speedway.

The end of 2012 was very exciting for me. I signed with JR Motorsports to run 18 races in 2013 for them in a Late Model Stock car.

I don’t think that I will ever learn as much in one year as I did in 2013. It was such a fun year filled with so many awesome races. The year started off with a top ten down South for JR Motorsports. It was followed by a top five the next trip down and a third place finish my 3rd weekend in a Late Model Stock car against the toughest short track competition in the country. Along the 18 races down south, I ran my Super Late Model and legends car in the North East.

2014 Was another memorable year for me. We raced the full Pro Series schedule at Beech Ridge Motor Speedway. After picking up my first win there and having success throughout the entire season, we ended up 2nd in points for the year. When we were not racing in the Pro Series, we were racing the PASS races at Beech Ridge and at Oxford. On Thursday nights we ran the Legends car at Beech Ridge. We picked up some wins throughout the year and had a blast doing it. I finished the year 2nd in points in the legends car.